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Your smile is often the first thing another person notices about you. Like these >

a pale imitation

Do you want a lighter look than metal? 'Clarity' ceramic brackets are the answer.

smile like you mean it

We will make you smile with confidence. You can shine, you know you want to.


Consultation $0

Nil, zip, nada, zilch


Your first consultation with us will be free. When you contact us to make an appointment we will send you a welcome pack and a referral to a Radiologist for x rays (these are normally bulk billed at no cost to the patient). The x rays will be sent to us digitally, and Dr Pepperell will have time to view them before you arrive for your appointment. After the patient examination, the exam findings will be explained to you, along with any recommendations for treatment. If treatment is not necessary, or if there is a need for further observation, the reasons will be given to you in plain English. You are encouraged to ask questions in order to understand the process. We can simplify it for you - it's not rocket surgery! There is no obligation to commence treatment if you are not ready for it. Sometimes delaying treatment is a wise move. Treatment is a cooperative effort, requiring a motivated patient. For more information please browse this site. Constructive comments or questions are welcome. See Our Services and FAQs

What does it cost?

Full braces from $6,529.00

2011 04 12_0786_edited-1.jpg

For adolescents, our fee for comprehensive orthodontic treatment with full braces (stainless steel, upper and lower) is $6,529. For the same treatment, but with Clarity brackets on the upper front teeth, the fee is $6,879.
Our fees for adult treatments will be higher due to the fact that treatment times are generally longer as teeth don't move as well as they do in younger patients. A major difference is the lack of facial growth in adults. Often, too, there are compromises in treatment for adults especially where there are conditions such as periodontal (gum) disease; multiple missing or heavily restored teeth; or skeletal jaw discrepancies requiring orthognathic surgery. Please note that a 22 year old adult will be a very different patient to one who is 55 years old.
Our initial Consultation is complimentary (fee = $0). The referral for X rays is at no charge. If treatment is recommended, then impressions and photographs (records) will be taken, and the fee for those is $170.
Normally the fee for a complete course of treatment is all-inclusive (bonding the braces, routine adjustments, debond and retention). There are no hidden charges. We may charge for excessive breakages; lost or damaged retainers; and extended treatment time due to lack of co-operation. These fees are subject to change at any time.


We now accept American Express


For your convenience, we now accept American Express cards. We continue to accept Mastercard and Visa, of course. Payment plans are offered for all treatments and internet bank transfers and direct debit payments can be arranged. Please ask us how we can accommodate you with a personally-tailored plan that takes the worry out of the payment process.

New clinical photographs added to Gallery


Three patients who have had very successful treatments completed in the last  while. They are successful on two fronts. Firstly we have achieved a functional and aesthetic occlusion – one that any orthodontist would be proud of. Secondly (most importantly) the treatment outcomes directly attend to the presenting (chief) concerns. See here>

Indirect Bonding Redux

2011 08 25_1131_edited-2.jpg

The main difference between direct and indirect bonding is that the brackets and molar tubes are first attached (bonded indirectly) to an accurate model of the patient's teeth,  then transferred clinically using a precisely fitting, clear tray and bonded to the enamel of those teeth using a light-cured, composite resin adhesive.
Indirect bonding has been an indispensable part of our practice since 1994. I first tried indirect bonding as a post graduate student in 1986. Over that time there has been a gradual improvement in bonding adhesives, tray materials and the way the brackets are bonded in the mouth.                                          At right: Clarity brackets in a clear tray.
In the last 12 months I have modified our indirect bonding procedure – both in the lab and chairside – and can now say that a good technique has become even better.
Advantages are numerous, but the lack of bulk in the tray and the fact that it allows greater visibility to me, are stand outs. These advantages also mean more patient comfort and much less time in the chair! Indirect bonding>

Spring has sprung

Blooming marvellous


Our bare Poinciana [Delonix Regia] has begun to shoot. It didn't look too good for a while there and we feared the worst.
Now the days are lengthening and it's time to get back into the garden. Having spent 25 years in drought-affected places like Narrabri and Tamworth it's hard not to like the lush, greener pastures of South East Queensland.

One Year On


It's been a year now since we opened in Ashmore City, and what a year it has been. Economically it was not a good time to start a new practice from scratch. It seems Australia has weathered the Global Financial Crisis better than most countries, however, most of us have done a bit of belt tightening and are reluctant to spend. Maybe things will settle down once we see a new Commonwealth Government sworn in.
The end of 2010 marks the twenty-third year that Dr Pepperell has practised as an Orthodontist. Our practice is committed to providing a service second to none. You can rely on our technical expertise, professional demeanour and friendly character each time you visit.
All our orthodontic treatments represent true value because we strive to deliver more quality outcomes for less dollar cost and reduced waiting times.

Warning: Sleep Inducing

Dr Pepperell's Master's Thesis


I recently discovered that the University of Sydney Library had scanned my  Master's Thesis. It was composed using Microsoft Word 3.0 on an Apple Macintosh (512 KB ram/no hard drive/880 KB floppy drive) and printed on a dot matrix printer. The font is Geneva.
I'd forgotten the many hours I put into this, especially those early mornings when I didn't get to bed until 2 a.m.

Graham Crumb

Inspirational photography


I came across this image while searching for smiling faces. Graham Crumb is the pseudonym for Dan McGarry who lives in Vanuatu. His pictures can be viewed here >

The Three Smiling Women can be viewed on the Wikimedia.org website.

Our New Practice


Our new practice was designed by  Elite Projects and completed in July 2009. A major supplier of chairs and equipment was  Gunz Dental. Drew Walker of  East Coast Dental Services looked after the equipment installation.
We made a concerted effort to manage our practice content digitally, keeping the use of paper to a minimum. This extends to imaging, radiographs (x rays) and virtual study models. We use an Australian practice software package called Oasis.
We spent many hours on the design and fit out to make the most of the available space. It has a clean, modern look, with splashes of colour here and there.
We hope you'll like it!

Indirect Bonding


This is how we bond the brackets in the dental laboratory. First we start with an accurate, stone model (like plaster only stronger). The brackets and tubes are placed onto the stone model's teeth rather than directly onto the patient's teeth. This is why we use the term 'indirect'.
With good lighting, magnifying loupes and fewer distractions, bracket placement is more accurate. This leads to more precise finishing later in treatment, which probably shortens treatment time by a visit or two.
Once The bonding is complete, a very accurate rubber template is made to enclose the braces. This then, is the means of transferring the braces to the patient's teeth in the dental chair. This bonding appointment is much quicker than bonding them directly, one tooth at a time. Getting your braces on takes less than half the time!

For pictures of this process please see Gallery - Indirect Bonding >

09 Mar 2011

Australian Dental Association

Australian Dental Convention 2011


Richard attended the ADC in Brisbane from Thursday, March 31 through to Saturday, April 2 at the BCEC.
There were three full days of lectures and a huge trade display the size of Skilled Stadium. Lots of great stuff from well-qualified International and Australian speakers. The trade displays were massive, with large pieces of dental equipment and xray imaging machines on show.
I managed to get out for a walk along Southbank, and it's good to see that things are returning to normal after the January flood.
For more information visit adc2011.com.

10 Feb 2010

WFO Sydney February 6-9, 2010


We have just returned from a marvellous, enjoyable and exciting time at the 7th International Orthodontic Congress organised by the World Federation of Orthodontists.
The number of registrants was approximately 4,500 from all over the world. The scientific program was intense with literally hundreds of lectures, case presentations and workshops.
The various orthodontic supply companies had comprehensive displays of equipment, computer software, instruments and treatment supplies, representing the latest and greatest from every major manufacturer and then some.
We have ordered a new patient-education program from GAC International, called Orthomation. It should be here within the next 2 weeks.

07 Jan 2010

Australian Society of Orthodontists 2010 Congress


Dr Pepperell, Carmen and Hermione will be attending the 22nd Australian Orthodontic Congress from February 6 to 9.

Every two years the ASO holds a Congress featuring highly esteemed speakers from Australia and overseas. There is an associated, comprehensive trade display and an educational program for orthodontic staff.

The Congress is held in all major states on a rotating basis. The 21st Australian Orthodontic Congress was held at Broadbeach in 2008, and the 2012 Congress will be held in Perth. In February, 2010 the Congress is in Sydney and is incorporated with the 7th International Orthodontic Congress.

7th International Orthodontic Congress and 4th Meeting of the World Federation of Orthodontists.
February 6-9, 2010
Sydney Convention & Exibition Centre
Sydney, Australia
Incorporating the 7th Asian Pacific Orthodontic Conference and the 22nd Australian Orthodontic Congress.

21 Dec 2009

Australian Dental Board

From 1 July, 2010, the Australian Dental Board will replace all state and territory dental boards, providing for the first time, a national registration scheme. Link >

01 Dec 2009



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