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Your smile is often the first thing another person notices about you. Like these >

a pale imitation

Do you want a lighter look than metal? 'Clarity' ceramic brackets are the answer.

smile like you mean it

We will make you smile with confidence. You can shine, you know you want to.


Our Pictures

In this section we have some photos of our new practice. In the subcategory  Braces, we have some images from the company which supplies our brackets and other orthodontic materials, 3M/Unitek. New images will be added from time to time.
In addition, we will be posting images on our Facebook page. All published images will be attributed unless they are the property of this practice.
From time to time, Dr Pepperell may, for the purposes of illustrating some facet of orthodontic treatment, post close up images of teeth and appliances in the mouth.
We will not upload any images that identify anyone without that person's express consent.


You probably know what braces look like all ready. Have a look here - you'll see some different views. More to be added.


Happy, shiny smiles.

Indirect Bonding

This is a smarter way to bond your braces. It's more accurate, saves time and leads to a better result sooner. And it's more relaxing for all of us.


Normally include x rays, plaster study models and photographs. More >

Some Befores and Afters

Here are three patients with different problems (or chief concerns). The first is a young female patient with a diastema (gap) between her upper central incisors. The second is a young man who had a deep overbite. The third is another young man with an upper right lateral incisor in crossbite (behind the lower incisors when he bites together on his back teeth). Next to each pretreatment photograph is a view of the correction straight (get it?) after the braces were removed. Click on a photo for a better look.

  • Richard & Carmen

  • Waiting room

  • Front desk

  • Consultation

  • Chair 1

  • Sterilising

  • Chair 2

  • Laboratory

  • Three Smiling Women

  • Expander

  • Separating Elastics

  • Diastema before

    Female. Started at 13 years and seven months.

  • Diastema closed

    Treatment time 18 months.

  • Deep bite before

    Male. Started at 18 years and five months of age.

  • Deep bite corrected

    Treatment time 22 months.

  • Crossbite before

    Male. Started at 15 years and three months of age.

  • Crossbite corrected

    Treatment time 12 months.

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